Feel happier in
  • Take an online science-based happiness course
  • Use the strategies with the most impact
  • Learn quick and easy, long term, easy ways to be happy

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  • Whether you’re feeling good and just want to add a few extra skills to your belt or feeling down and looking for a lift to get going you’re in good hands with well-researched happiness strategies that are quick and easy to do, make you happier and less depressed for longer and fit right into your busy life.
  • You’ll walk out with a plan just that fits your life and current happiness level that will help take you to the next level. Just 10 minutes a day for a week is enough to really make a difference to how you feel. ​
  • Top researchers have done all the hard work. I’ve sifted out the most effective strategies and now it's up to you to grab hold of these gems and move with more ease and happiness in life with today’s deal…​

Increase happiness quickly in a lasting way

  • This online science-based happiness course will teach you happiness strategies to cope better in this stressful world. From what your current level of happiness is to what really works to increase happiness quickly in a lasting way to how to take your happiness to the next level in a way that easily fits into your life, the course covers how to use the science of happiness to elevate your life.
  • You’ll have 24/7 'unlimited' access for a whole year to the following:

What you will learn

Understanding Long-Term Happiness

  • Module 1: What is your happiness level?
  • Module 2: What kind of happiness lasts?
  • Module 3: How much can you change your happiness?
  • Module 4: What is the science of happiness?
  • Module 5: How happiness makes life, relationships and work better.
  • Module 6: What makes us happy and what doesn’t.

The most effective strategies for increasing happiness

  • Strategy 1: How to make happiness last and create it daily.
  • Strategy 2: How to adjust self-talk for increased happiness
  • Strategy 3: Relaxation training to increase happiness and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Strategy 4: Applying optimism to your future and the benefits of this. What it is, what is isn’t, when and how it works.
  • Strategy 5: The strategy the happiest 10% use to generate happiness.


  • Bonus strategies: Bonus strategies that increase happiness
  • Extra resources: Extra happiness resources
  • How to take your happiness to the next level by creating a personalized plan that fits right into your life based on what works best for you.

Highlighted Features

make your work easier and faster!

Apply proven strategies

Take an online science-based happiness course. Overhaul the way you see happiness and learn to apply proven strategies in just a week.

Scientifically tested

Learn key happiness strategies that have been tested to be effective.

Easy, Impactful strategies

Test out the strategies that have the most impact, are quick and easy to do, last the longest and fit the best into your life.

24/7 Access

Enjoy 24/7 access for a whole year.

Happiness plan

Put together your own happiness plan and keep increasing your happiness in 10 minutes a day after the course

Extra resources

Get great extra resources to improve your happiness both at home and at work Learn about the science of happiness and why it works

How happy are you now?

Learn what your current happiness level is.

Top 7 Happiness strategies

Learn the top 7 strategies for increasing your happiness in just 15 minutes a day

Make Happiness a Habit

Discover which exercises work best for you and how to make them part of your life.



Years of research behind this
Positive Reviews

What Clients Say

I've run this previously as a workshop series. Here is what they found

"An interesting meeting about mindfulness and positive psychology. Well-prepared and welcoming organizers. A very positive experience."
"It was lots of fun and very interesting."
"Very interesting evening – thank you all for sharing your expertise with us!! Looking forward to the next meeting already!"
"It was a really great meetup, so glad I attended. Great to be part of something positive, and instead of hearing what is wrong with you, realise what you are good at and be inspired to apply that, and improve it further."
Feel happier in
  • Enjoy 24/7 access, take as long as you like
  • Put together your own personalised happiness plan
  • Get great extra resources to improve your happiness both at home and at work

197 nzd

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