Feel Happier in 21 Days

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Hello happiness.

Where have you been and how can I get more of you?

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Welcome to this course which has been my passion for many years and is my pleasure to bring to you. Thank you so much for joining. I am so excited to share super short, might powerful and thoroughly tested happiness strategies with you.

I would love to know how you find each day of this course, what you love, what you need more information on and what else you would like to see here. Your experience matters to me. But, back to your happiness.

Know thy happiness score so that you can build on it

First off, how happy are you right now?

If you think about how happy you are in general how would you rate yourself ?

really happy






very sad

Great, the perfect place to start is right where you are right now!

Who I am and what inspired the course

This course was inspired by a researcher that created a successful happiness course based on science in 1981. I studied psycholgy research and research for fun and thought why not create a happiness course with all the latest research that is short and easy to do in case you’re busy or tired or feeling down and don’t have much energy. Inspired by a scientific field that looks at why happy people are happy and how we can all apply these things I looked for skills we can learn that make us happy, that are based on science. So it takes tbe guesswork out because these skills have been tested on many people and hav3 been shown to work. Still not satisfied to stop there I wanted to know which happiness skills made the biggest difference in a short space of time taking only up to 20 minutes a day to apply.

The first happiness skill

But…I’ve gotten totally off track because the reason I told you about this researcher and his successful course is that one of the key things he taught is

Make happiness a priority!

This researcher who has x years of experience under his belt and whatever other success he has acheived made this a key part of his successful happiness course.

So before we go any further……

Are you ready to make your happiness a priority?

Well done on signing up for this course by the way! Do you commit to spending 20 minutes on this EVERYDAY for the next week?

I joyfuly swear to spend 20 minutes on this for the next week because this week my happiness is Super Crazy Awesomely important (crown optional).

Fantastic, day one of your happiness journey is done and dusted. You found out what your happiness score is and you made learning happiness skills a priority. I can’t wait to get in touch with you tomorrow to start teaching you the happiness skills I was telling you about.

See you tomorrow!