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[/av_heading] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Self confirmed learning, research and happiness junkie. I spend a lot of time reading the latest research on how to become an optimal person really. What is important to me is that the exercises have solid scientific backing (the have been tested on many people and have been found to be very effective). They are short and delivered in way that works for you (so easy to include in your life so that you have a really high chance of success) and they increase your happiness long term (one exercise if done for a week can increase your happiness for 6 months, imagine what the whole program could do).

I completed my Psychology honours degree and dissertation on motivation and flow and have run several Positive Psychology workshops teaching people strategies to increase their wellbeing. These have served as the testing ground for thisĀ online happiness course.

The science of Positive Psychology:

  • studies individuals that live fulfilled, happy and successful lives,
  • takes these activities, tests them on groups of people that represent the broader population,
  • and turns happiness increasing activities that work reliably into happiness strategies.

That is honestly just the beginning. Happiness benefits so many aspects of our lives and the behaviour generated by feeling joy builds resilience for tough times.

All of this comes together to inspire myself and others by teaching the tools for increased happiness and meaning.
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